Germany’s Young Indian Business Tycoon Hrishant Ramesh Singh Congratulated Prajwal Pandey and Said That You Have Certainly Brought Laurels To The Entire Bihar Along With The Country


You have got success at such a young age, you must have worked very hard to get it.
Now you should fulfill your responsibilities well and illuminate the name of your country and state along with Britain in the whole world :- Hrishant Ramesh Singh

UK NEW PM: Who is Prajjwal Pandey? Who was included in the committee of Rishi Sunak

Born in Siwan, Bihar, Prajwal Pandey has been included in his core committee by UK PM Rishi Sunak. He is a resident of Jamapur village of Jiradei block. Prajwal has not only illuminated the name of the district, but the entire Bihar. He also comes from the same village where the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad was living.

Prajwal lives in Sindri, Jharkhand’s neighboring state of Bihar. He was born in Jamapur of Jiradei block of Siwan district. He is the son of Rajesh Pandey. Even today, Prajwal has an attachment to his village.This year, when Rishi Sunak was the prime ministerial candidate, Prajwal was included in the main campaign team by his party. Now Rishi Sunak has taken over the post of Prime Minister in Britain.

At the age of 16, Prajwal did this work in Britain
Prajwal Pandey joined the Conservative Party of Britain as a member at the age of just 16. Prior to this, he was elected as an elected member of the UK Youth Parliament in 2019. He gave his first speech in the UK Parliament as a youth parliamentarian. After this the people there also became his fans. Prajwal’s sister Pranjal Pandey is pursuing MBBS from Cambridge University.

Close to UK PM Prajwal’s close friends say that he has been a very promising student from the beginning. At the same time, his relative Vineet Kumar Dwivedi said, “Even after holding such a high position, when he comes to India or his village, he meets people as before.”However, people say that it is a matter of great pride for us and for the people of our region to join the team of British Prime Minister of Indian origin of Prajwal.